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Basic first aid for electricians (FSE-022 EN)

This course is aimed at certified electricians as well as instructed personnel that operate and perform maintenance on electrical installations.

The course teaches the basics of life saving first-aid and complements courses FSE-040, FSE-041, FSE-045 and FSE-046 so that it, in combination with those courses, is in compliance with the FSE regulations.

It covers the following topics:

⦿ Tackling of emergency situations
⦿ Consciousness control
⦿ Recovery position
⦿ Chest pains/heart attack followed by loss of consciousness
⦿ CPR without the use of a defibrillator
⦿ Reporting to the emergency central
⦿ Post-traumatic reactions

NB: It is recommended that the course be taken on a regular PC or laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux). There is currently limited support for mobile units and tablets. Recommended web browser: Google Chrome.
  • FSE basic first aid for electrIcians
  • Before moving on
  • Awareness control, recovery position, CPR, chest pains
  • About the section
  • Awareness control and recovery position (FA-GE-112)
  • Control test: FA-GE-112
  • CPR (FA-GE-215 EN)
  • Control test: FA-GE-215
  • Chest pain (FA-GE-195)
  • Control test: FA-GE-195
  • Tackling of emergency situations and post-traumatic reactions
  • About the section
  • How to tackle emergency situations and crises (FA-GE-305)
  • Control test: FA-GE-305
  • Post-reactions after emergency situations and crises (FA-GE-308)
  • Reporting to the emergency central (FA-GE-103)
  • Practical part
  • About the section
  • Consciousness assessment and recovery position - Practical part (FA-GE-112-P)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Practical part (FA-GE-215-P)
  • Completion of the course
  • About the final test
  • Final test
  • Completion
  • Alle enheter må fullføres
  • Fører til sertifisering med varighet: 1 år